21st Century consumers are constantly bombarded with promotional messages across every conceivable medium, yet they often prefer to use the telephone to respond. Despite this, online marketing campaigns in particular tend to focus on driving buyers to interact with websites, not people. Callgen offers a compromise.

Let the visitors to your directory choose.

Let them decide whether to contact the listed advertiser by email or phone.

Show each visitor a freephone number so they have faith in your advertisers.

Then charge the advertiser for each call a visitor makes to them.

The advertisers love this way of working, as it encourages sales calls.

They also like the better conversion rates.

Most of all they like only paying for a call when they get it - results-based advertising they are starting to call it.

Callgen can supply a solution that plugs straight into your existing listings in 10 minutes.

The best bit? It's FREE!

That's right, it doesn't cost you a penny.

Seems too good to be true, right? We understand how it sounds, but let us reassure you of our credentials.

Callgen directors have many years of relevant industry experience. The company was born out of an affiliation with an award-winning Internet Service Provider and Ofcom-regulated telephony operator; Callgen's suite of proprietary products gives you the facility to generate qualified telephone leads and consequently improve conversion rates.

Callgen uses a carrier-grade telecoms switch with five 9s redundancy, in addition to multiple links with leading telecom networks. Callgen's platform is fully scalable to cater for high call volumes, with automatic failover plus 24X7 monitored support.

Our network architecture is hosted in a highly secure data centre and features fully-redundant Internet connectivity.

So we're OK, the advertiser's happy and you've paid precisely ZERO for a solution that makes you money from Day One.

At the very least, it must be worth making a free phone call to find out if we've lost our senses?

0845 475 7752

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