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As a directory website, you have a unique position in the market with essentially a list of adverts that can be integrated into the Callgen platform, instantly transforming your site into an interactive introduction service for all or part of your advertiser base.

The Callgen platform allows you to generate revenue from all calls made to all advertisers, a potentially very substantial revenue stream for you and a massive added benefit to all who list with you.

Points to consider:

  • The average cost to you for each call is 70 pence
  • The fee you charge your advertiser is down to you
  • Some of our customers charge their advertisers up to £12 a call
  • We give you an online control panel where you can see the call reports
  • We automatically assign freephone numbers to each listing - no work for you to do
  • You just bill your advertisers for the calls, and they are delighted to finally just be paying for results
  • We help you bill them by creating the invoices for you, just put your name on them and send them off.

Callgen and Cost-Per-Call are revolutionising the advertising and listing industry, and directories have rapidly become the cornerstone of these new technologies.

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