Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the point at which telecommunications and the internet meet, allowing users to make a phone call across their existing internet connection with little or no cost at all.

All you currently need to make such a phone call across the internet is a PC, an internet connection (preferably DSL), and microphone and speakers.

No Installation Wizard - The ActiveX component will prompt you for installation, allowing you to activate the necessary components within seconds. The component is certified authentic by Thawte, the leading supplier of secure online certification.

The Callgen VoIP service has been developed for computers running Windows XP and above and an application is pending for older versions of Windows and Linux users.

To test the Callgen VoIP Application, please click the button below.

AND NOW THE SCIENCE BIT..... The main functions of the phone are controlled using the Windows RTC (Real Time Communications) API allowing for further development and integration of future messaging and video applications. RTC and SIP are used to create a VoIP session between the customer and our servers, TCP has been used as the phone's transport protocol rather than UDP enabling us to offer a higher rate of reliability and security for voice traffic across our network.
All of the functions in the Callgen phone have been compiled into an ActiveX component controlled by javascript from a web page, the full component totals 456kb to minimize download time, so any user meeting the requirements will be able to make a call within seconds of clicking a link.

Features included with the VoIP phone are;

Messenger style alerts - keeping you informed throughout each step of your call

Audio Setup Wizard - allowing internet users meeting the requirements to use any type of Sound Hardware (compatible with Windows XP)

Easy to use - The VoIP phone only has the main buttons needed to make a call, 'Dial' 'Hangup' and Volume controls, this allows internet users to quickly and easily open the page and create a call

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