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  A brief introduction to Callgen, and how the company came about.
  An overview of Callgen’s offering to advertisers, publishers and agencies.
  People often shop online in order to find and call suppliers that are local to them. Advertisers often rely on calls to close sales. Callgen can merge cost-per-call with directories’ advertising income, effectively integrating call revenues with directory listings, banners and display ads.
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  Any business can use Callgen to generate leads over the phone, even companies without an online presence. Callgen account set up process is fast and easy.
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  Callgen participating advertisers, publishers and partners can log in to gain clear visibility of all their campaign activity and results.
how it works
  An overview of Callgen Beta’s account sign up process and campaign management facilities.
  Browse our Frequently Asked Questions here, and contact Callgen if you have any questions or suggestions.
  Visit this section for select articles, press releases and stats relating to Callgen and Cost-Per-Call in general.
  Details of who to contact and how to reach Callgen Ltd by phone, email or by post.
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  Callgen complies with the UK Data Protection Act 1998; you can read our privacy policy here.
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